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12 things you probably didn’t know about Chris Pardal

Chris_Pardal14_300dpi1. I believed in Santa until a late age… a teacher told me he wasn’t real.

2. I hate eating w/ thin utensils. It’s uncomfortable between my fingers.

3. I was a male revue dancer (92 – 95) for the same group that Channing Tatum would dance for a few years later.

4. I was going to be named Nick (Nicholas) right up until the day I was born – then they decided on Christopher. A lot of my family called me Nicholas for the first few months of my life.

5. I don’t like being called “Christopher” at all – only by certain people. The flip side is that I don’t like being called “Chris” by my parents, sisters or most family members – that sounds EXTREMELY weird to me.

6. I survived a kidnap attempt when I was on vacation in Florida when I was 11 or 12. We were in downtown St. Pete at the park (not as nice as now) and I got lost from my family… I was a cute kid.

7. My mom & sister love to tell this story… I learned to walk at an early age and before I was a year old this happened: My mother was cleaning the kitchen and her neighbor came to the door and had me in her arms. My mom freaked out because apparently I had unlatched my crib and climbed out of it. I pushed a chair against the front door, climbed up and unlocked it. I walked down two flights of stairs, out the front door of the apartment building and I was a quarter mile down the street when the neighbor saw me and brought me home. Yes, I said that this happened before I was one. Here’s the kicker – neither my mom (nor anyone) knew that I could walk.

8. I was hit by a car driven by an undercover cop when I was in vacation in Florida when I was 14 years old. It was 30th Ave and 20th St. North and clearly his fault. I had tar in my eyes and my face was so badly scraped that the doctor told my family that the scars would be permanent. Suing was the last thing my family was worried about and I ended up healing just fine. A few weeks later the city of St. Pete sent my grandparents a bill for the tire damage done to the undercover cop car. Apparently, they assumed we would sue and they preemptively counter-sued which is a smart, standard move on the city’s part. Needless to say, my family never paid that bill. An interesting side-note is that my parents were going through a divorce and my dad argued with my mom about letting me go to stay with my grandparents for 6 weeks in the summer. When I got hit by the car, my dad and grandparents felt that the smart thing to do would be to keep it a secret from my mom until I went back home a few weeks later. Well the day after I was hit by the car, my mother called my father and demanded to know what happened to me because she knew something was wrong. Why? She had a dream that she was driving and hit someone riding a bike with her car. True Story.

9. In February of 2005, I flipped my dad’s car 3 times and literally walked away fine.

10. Even though I’m an actor, I don’t really like movies or TV. If I DO like a movie, I’ll watch it a bunch of times but as far as being an avid movie watcher – I am not. I watch movies and TV to watch performances because it’s literally my job and an acting teacher told me that it’s a must. My favorite movies are love stories and tragic romance. Titanic, Somewhere In Time, Notebook, The Professional, Romeo & Juliet, Endless Love, etc.

11. I don’t watch sports and could give a rat’s ass about who’s playing or what the score is. I don’t care if other people around me are watching, I just don’t care…

12. I had a motorcycle accident in 2004 and broke my ribs and punctured my lung. They had to re-inflate it. I had severe road rash on my leg and the doctors said that the hair wouldn’t grow back and the scars would be permanent. I healed fine and the hair grew back… the tattoo is faded though.

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