“Poison” – Chris Pardal


When I inhale deeply, I swear I could still smell the essence of her poison.

The candles dance around me as I lie in bed, close my eyes, and remember her next to me inside me.

Touching my own hands as she did, sparks the memory so vivid that I can hear her softly breathing and sweetly chewing gum in my ear…

…her hands on my chest, the exhilarating vibrations.

The candle light surrounds my room so that I am now inside the candle itself.

I hide the truth behind I’m kiddings and a sense of humor when she’s around.

We danced perfectly flowing as if the motions were passionately choreographed by a matchmaker from heaven.

I want to taste her so bad, that I swear to God, I have the residue of her sweetness on my tongue.

Avoiding eye contact can protect me from revealing an honest souls truth.

The feeling. The desire. The yearning is there, but if it’s acknowledged, then shell have to push me away.

Feelings like this are but a few in each lifetime and sometimes never at all…

Her shoes next to my bed would mean that she would spend the night.

Even if a few stolen moments in each other’s arms are all I have, then I am truly blessed, for I will never know paradise the same way.

I was sent an angel as I had prayed for, but I fear that her wings hide the venomous point of a scorpion.

Yet if the angel falls, I would catch her, risking the deadly sting of her poison.


I love the smell of her poison.


– ©2017 Chris Pardal

“Matrix Love” – Chris Pardal

“Matrix Love” – Chris Pardal

I read you. Everything about you.

I want to reach through the screen and explode past the words that describe your pain. So I make a fist and I do..

I enter your world.

I find you inside crying, and alone.

Never will you feel this again. Not on my watch.

Vowels and consonants scattered violently all around us, fluttering to the ground.

The blown up words, now just orphaned letters, are black and the background white.

We are in color.

I hold you, and you hold me so fuckin tight. So tight

The black letters are still raining down around us. Millions of letters. Like a Matrix love story.

Our eyes lock. Our lips come together so slowly… slower… they touch.

I can feel every perfect imperfection on those luscious lips.

Every wrinkle on your lips tickles mine.

Your lips are so big that you can almost swallow mine with your kisses…

I want your lips to swallow mine. The paper thin skin makes them so red and swollen.

The letters have all fallen. We must have been kissing for hours..

The background is now a sunset beach.

And the letters have changed colors like autumn leaves.

In fact, they are leaves.

We smile at each other as we look around us at the fallen leaves covering almost all of the sand on this windy beach.

We smile because we have created this fictional place within our imagination.

Now, we are naked… I lay you on the autumn beach as the sun makes its brilliant orange curtain call.

Vanilla candles are blazing all around us.

We make love.



Waves softly crash.

I look in your eyes, and yes this is fucking it. This is what it means to be alive and feel passion.. This is why I am here.

You squint and exhale, breathing into my mouth, our lips touching and rubbing back and forth…. Back and forth.

Here comes the wind.. Warm wind around your body.

And the waves… Waves softly crashing some more…

Your eyes are wide open now, looking into mine

We read each other’s minds.

Wondering why it took so long to meet.

We fall asleep in each other’s arms.


– ©2012 Chris Pardal

“Dreamscape” – Chris Pardal

“Dreamscape” – Chris Pardal

fantasize, blue eyes, devise plans and schemes.

anything to get you here, near me to clear the endless grey skies.

kiss, hug, hold, taste, lick,

touch, fuck, fold clothes, pack your suitcase quick.

my hard dick aches, throbs, earthquakes shake, rattle and roll when your sweet pussy flows raindrops on my face.

a sugary taste glazed essence of your legs embraced, wrapped around my head.

get the fuck in my bed. on the floor, kitchen, table, shower.

flowers, dinner, chocolate, dessert.

hold hands, beach walks, long talks, smooth waves and soft sands.

pierced tongue kisses, shooting star wishes,

midnight ice cream sundae dishes.

endless silent stares, playing with your hair,

imported beer, fear of coming goodbye tears.

a weekend fling, sing in the rain, pain leaves when leaves colors change and strangers meet.

yours to keep, sleep by my side for eternity,

uncertainty kills, thrills, sends chills through me.

roller coasters, bungee jumps, pumps and cocktail dresses.

cupid blesses, arrows shot, heart’s hit, revisit love, doves fly and don’t cry.

wedding rings bells, yells and screams, streams of rice flies, family’s cries, sighs, hello honeymoon goodbyes.

alarms awake, break dreams, try, wish, hope to remember,

cope ’til September, fires now embers.

the colors were brilliant, resilient, fluorescent, now jaded

degraded greys, black and blue bruises faded.

frayed seams on tattered jeans. battered and baggy. shaggy hair and a face full of scruff.

rough, ratty and wasted. chapped lips that once tasted hope.

hopes to one day make it. make a castle high, tickle the sky.

clouds laugh and sneeze, the breeze topples my creation.

a castle made of sand, mud and devastation.

everything i cant be, i can be if i build a ship and you move the sea. waves you control, power you hold, the buyer of the soul i sold for an ocean full of dreams that are too old be dreams.

forgive me world, not for screaming but for ending the dreaming.

little boys get old. Florida gets cold. no longer bold,

but timid, yet livid that I’m silent, no longer defiant.

a quitter quitted long before it’s admitted. throw in the towel, i give up.

fuck it, pick up my bucket and walk away.

strut for a slut. loud, proud and faker than her tits, ego and nails. i move like a snail.

one step.





i turn and learn that u r there. I stare pinch myself and believe. deceiving whores end their war with me with you my protector. my love, my life, my dream come true and new wife.

Run through the sand and stand facing nothing…

…a mirage. a collage of imaginary images.

i feel zeal, steal strength, and believe in myself again…

…just knowing you’re real.

– ©2012 Chris Pardal

“Candy Coated Peppermint Stripper Poles”

“Candy Coated Peppermint Stripper Poles” – Chris Pardal


Blue sky streaks above her blue eyes… she’s a bad bitch.

A witch stirring her brew. My crew couldn’t back me

if she decided to SMACK! Backhand me.

Not with the back of her hand, but snatch me, grab me with her vibe, lift, spin and throw me.

She’s a thrill ride.

Don’t worry, scurry along, no time for this feeling,

reeling me in with your words, voice and eyes.

Wheeling and dealing with milky cream, strong stripper thighs, hanging high from the ceiling.

Wrap me up, lick you up and down, go down in your lik-m-aid fun dip.

My candy stick slips in, dipping deep in your sweet cherry yum-diddly, razapple, sweet liquid sugar powder pouch full of magic.

On my couch, I lie back and have it; a strip tease lap dance with no poles, pasties, or money.

Your honey still drips, it’s a trip honey, everything fits perfectly lovely.

I make hard, tough girls soft and cuddly, it happens suddenly.

so caress, kiss and cuddle me.

A tragic past, fast years, tears and pain. Your words tore me, but in your eyes I see a glorious future story.

Fairy tale kisses, genie’s neverending wishes, handsome dark-haired, green-eyed Princes fight to carry you away from the stage of this street ballet.

Pray, wish on stars, angels and lucky charms that soon, your shining knight will swoon, my Princess.


– ©2017 Chris Pardal

“Forbidden” – Chris Pardal

“Forbidden” – Chris Pardal

Why do I insist upon looking down the same dark alley for my muse…


Do we really all do that?

I stand alone, surrounded by couples, with too much fucking love in myself to hold in everyday, so it explodes into tears at night…

The tears rain whenever actually, and usually under the guise of being emotionally influenced by a love song or some sad movie…

I stood in the freezing cold making idle conversation just to extend the time that she was near me. I wanted to go inside, and I imagined hiding in her arms, as we would warm each other while listening to the wind blow fiercely outside…

But I am outside. With the wind. With her…

When this conversation ends, I won’t see her for awhile.

The worst thing about our kiss is that it is not imagined, it happens, but it is the worst kind of death because it means nothing…

Familiar… The was the first thought I had when I saw her for the first time in this life…

That makes me realize that from the time we’re born, until we die, that things that are more and more familiar, happen less and less, yet more intense.

Familiarity is the womb, comfort, destiny, another soul-mate to make the right path recognizable…

Even if we could. I can’t.

A muse is to inspire me, yet I could never main-line the pleasure of her energy through my veins like heroin.

I love to feel this pain to know that I’m alive. I pity those who only feel its absence.

For her face, my eyes taste like cookies in a cookie jar, not allowed to have, but sneak without letting her catch me staring at her.

The cold nights… The secret rendezvous between our energy, as we meet, and act as though it doesn’t exist… Me desperately trying not to stare…

Will end…

The kisses will end…

And so the show will be over.

I only want her to know that she inspires me.

– ©2017 Chris Pardal

“It’s All About You” – Chris Pardal

“It’s All About You” – Chris Pardal

I only want to feel your hands on my body…

I only want to kiss your lips..

your tongue…

I want to lay you on my bed and kiss your back, your neck, and whisper in your ear…

…tell you that you’re sexy…

Tell you… I’m yours…

I’m yours only…

I want to caress your creamy skin through silk, pastel lavender lingerie…

I want to lick your legs…

…kiss your toes…

…suck your fingers and neck…

I want to love you like a little boy in love for the first time at a school dance…

…would you dance with me?

…I’ll wait all night to ask, while standing across the room…

Then… as the night begins to end, we’ll finally hold each other and kiss and fall in love before the song ends.

I want to be inside you, and feel the waves of your sugary liquid passion surround me.

I want you to explode, and collapse in my arms, digging into my mouth, through my lips, with your tongue.

We’ll feel so good and on the verge of tears of passion knowing that we denied ourselves this feeling way too long…

I love you my love…

– ©2017 Chris Pardal

“Fantasy” – Chris Pardal

“Fantasy” – Chris Pardal

When I look in your face and embrace you with my gaze, you leave me amazed, and dazed with your attraction.

Now look in my eyes, don’t disguise the way you feel, my heart you could steal

its real

I love you.

I never felt before, what I feel for you girl. My lover in my dreams, now its real in my world.

You’re my friend, til the end, youll be my leading lady in my heart, my soul, until the sun goes cold.

Youre my ecstasy. And like the Odyssey; Ill travel ten years for your love, cuz youre MY fantasy.

Ill put the sun in my pocket; throw the stars away For your hand, holding mine-

A Dozen dragons, Ill slay.

Cuz, Im your knight, and Ill fight, just like in Camelot.

But in MY story, your glorious love is the plot.

My hearts in a bind and your love makes me blind

With you, I understand Romeos frame of mind.

Cinderella, Stella, or Della, Ill be your Charming, Stanley…. or Jim

When your lips touch mine…

the fairytale begins.

Never rest, on a quest, to become your leading man.

Not for a treasure chest

But for your heart in my hand.

Your beauty is smooth, yo; it belongs in the Louvre,

Helens face couldnt launch all of the ships that YOU move.

Aphrodite would be jealous of the heads that you turn,

You are MY Goddess of Love

For you Inside I burn

If Heaven had a name, only yours it could claim.

When I’m in your presence, theres no sorrow or pain.

Only pleasure to treasure, when youre at my side

You could soothe Achilles rage, and extinguish his pride.

A little boy at night, I held my pillow so tight.

You are MY wish come true

Starlight, Star bright.

Could it be destiny? If not, then Ill weep

And if youre just a dream,

Let me eternally sleep.

Im never blue; its true, when I look at you.

A thousand Canterbury Tales cant describe what you do.

Forever and a day, Ill stay, if you say yes

The day you walked in my life I was blessed;

By Cupid above,

Cuz with love, he shot an arrow-

-Of affection-

Perfection is seen, looking in your direction

You’re my Fantasy.

– ©2012 Chris Pardal

“Jennifer Marie” – Chris Pardal

“Jennifer Marie” – Chris Pardal

The brisk cold. The wind.

Christmas time.

Listening to dance music, getting ready to go to “City Lites”

My first girlfriend… the first girl to tweeze my eyebrows as I lie on her lap.

I wrote her a rap song…

“Shakin’ for Jen”… back when I was a poet.

I danced for her… back when I was a dancer.

I fought for her… back when I couldn’t fight.

I fell in love with her… back when I wanted to be a player.

She told me if I let myself fall in love that it would be the greatest feeling that I could ever feel…

…She was right.

The smell of Rave hairspray, spearmint gum and cigarettes…

Her thick curly black hair, brown eyes & sensuous little mouth that gave the world’s most magnificent kisses.

The first time I made love… back when all I did was fuck.

My first love tattooed in blood, etched in my brain, and pumped through my heart and body.

The ruler for which I will forever measure any girl before I get married.

She was seventeen and I was nineteen and nothing would ever change…

…not the clubs, or the music, or the clothes.

– ©2017 Chris Pardal

“She’s Like A DJ” – Chris Pardal

“She’s Like A DJ” – Chris Pardal


You’re Like A DJ…

You filled your needles with melted wax and found the vein straight to my train-wrecked heart.

You injected into me a song called “Liquid Love”, mixed with a record called “Spider”.

Cuz you spin me.

I’m spun in your web, but I’m scratched.


Gone from your crate full of music.

Soon to be cross-faded from your memory.


I guess I was just a rare track.


Tonight and tonight only.

– ©2017 Chris Pardal

“Crazy. A Simple Empty Yes”

“Crazy. A Simple Empty Yes” – Chris Pardal

A black leather couch.

A kiss.

A wish that it wouldn’t be a one night thing or a fling, but real.

Another night. Another girl.

I’m in another world with the liquor and mistakes are made.

Games are played.

A tragic romance ended, before we had the affair.

The fork in the road stabs me in the back. The turning point pierces my heart.

Reminding me through pain, what I lost.

My tongue on the wrong girl’s thigh, and you’re saying goodbye.

Before we said hello.

Why did I stay? I wanted to go.

You should’ve been there. Why didn’t you show?

Did you want me to leave? Would things have changed?

Crazy. A Simple Empty Yes…

…is all that I need.

…To survive. I feel alive as I relive that moment.

Doing it different. Running away.

Running through the storm, through the rain.

Poems and rhymes. Rhythms and words.

A play and a stage. The truth seldom heard.

A hero, a war. A soldier, a man.

Whispers and winks. And too many drinks.

Lies and deceit. Regrets and tears.

Bakers and nuns. Anger and fears.

Wishes and wants. To run through the rain.

Purify my motives. Cleanse all my shame.

Suspend your disbelief, and pretend… for a moment…

If only for a moment…

That you’re mine.

But the playwright will not change the ending…

Not today, nor tomorrow. Not in this lifetime.

I drew my sword to defend you… Into the battle I run.

My armor… Only flesh.

My blade… Weak.

…And so it bends.

For I was the villain…

…I didn’t know ’til the end.

Steel in my chest. Laughter far from my lips.

Spotlights then fade… into a lunar eclipse.

As I lie at your feet, my words bleed worthlessly from my soul.

My eyelids. Heavy.

My flesh. Icy cold.

Every curtain, every bow. Every show, every play.

The ending would end, every night the same way.

If I ran through the storm and left her that night…

…would you become the author… and let me win the fight?


For I am… Crazy.

Crazy. A Simple Empty Yes…

…is all that I need.

– ©2017 Chris Pardal