From Actor To Drug Dealer… To Writer

You can read all of that formal crap about me on other pages.

I like everything from gangsta rap to love songs.

Poetry, natural foods, exercise and meditation.

One of the most important things in my life was (still but not as much) DANCE.

It would be dancing that would ultimately be the reason for so much of my other passions, loves and romances… it would also be my popularity in the dance scene which would usher me into the underground drug scene.

The Tampa Bay Rave scene.

The Late 90s.

Heroin infested the real-life Eden.

DOPESICK is a short film about the undercover cop who infiltrated the scene and fell in love with the wrong people.

So many young people died and the least I could do is to put their story on paper and onscreen.

RAVE is the feature-length movie that inspires “Dopesick”.