Lost friends in 2017…

I didn’t want to bring the spirit down because 2017 was a beautiful year; however it was a year where I lost some great friends and I have to express myself the best way I know – writing to and about you.

Stan 7/1/17

Wow, man. We met as little kids, played Star Wars together, got screamed at by our mothers all the time… and we FOUGHT all the time too. You were a big kid and I was small so you’d kick my ass until I got older, but if it wasn’t for those fights, I’d never learn to become fearless against anyone twice my size. Haha….such toxic masculinity that I wouldn’t give up for the world. I am so happy we stayed in touch, even though it wasn’t as much as I would’ve liked and we won’t get to hang out when I get to the east coast next month, but I’ll never forget you or your brother, dude. On April 4th, 1988, at 15 years old, I moved to Florida to be with my dad and I said goodbye to you and Bryan Collin in the middle of the street with tears in my eyes. I thought I would come back – but of course, the sunshine, dancing and the girls kept me in Florida.

I never told you this when we talked but in my screenplay, “STREET BALLET”, there is a character based on you. Yeah – his name’s Stan.

I said it almost 30 years ago on that overcast day to you and Bryan, and I’ll say it again now: “You guys are cool, man. I’ll see ya later.”

RIP Stanislaw Gwiazdowski

Rob Leon 9/1/17

CITY LITES. That’s the first word I think of when I think of you…

It seems like yesterday we were in clubs. You, me, Don Nicholson, Sean Keane, Klaus Reinert, RJ (Roger Evans), Ronald RathboneJohn Jackson, Spicy J, Dobie ThompsonMichael Smith and the list goes on.

We were rivals (Mr Ice Kicker – hehe). Rivals on the dancefloor and with the chicks… more immature toxic masculinity that I wouldn’t change for anything because I loved you then and I love you now.

My heart breaks for Don because I know what it’s like to have that bond with someone who is like a brother – and then lose him; and you two guys were most definitely brothers.

My screenplay, “REMIX” is about all of us…

Keep dancin’, bro and I’ll be up there soon.

Jerry, thanks for CIty Lites – haha!

Gurnee Braden 11/11/17

I typed your name, got to the letter “r” and started to cry.


I wish that I could have another couple hours with you, knowing that you’d be gone. But isn’t that so fuckin stupid when we actually have that with so many people who are in our lives right now, alive.

There are very few people people who are truly kind, decent and good. You lit up a space with your smile and personality.

And even though you were nice, you were also courageous; I’ll never forget when you pulled me out of that house when guns were drawn and you said:

“A little too tense for me… and your brother would kill me if I let anything happen to you.”

We laughed about that night ever since.

Seeya at the after hours.

You’ve read and you know that my script, “RAVE” is about us and a tribute to our friends we lost… and to my other friend from the rave scene:

Mikey 12/18/17

Damn you, dude. I was gonna get my tat finished up by you next month.

Why did you have to go, man?

There weren’t a lot of guineas with that raised southern hospitality that someone can meet, but that’s you my Italian brother.

We knew each other in the scene through other friends but we ended up locked up together for a few days and we got to talk and get to know each other more; and I got a message out to Sherri for ya and we stayed in touch ever since…

Keep surfin’, fishin’ and cookin’ that Italian food, paesano.

That’s my tribute to the friends I lost in 2017.