“What will tomorrow bring?” – Chris Pardal

Okay… So I’ll put it down on paper. My feelings. My heart.

And perhaps she may never read, or know of these words.

A little more than a week ago she tried oysters, steamed clams and lying in my arms for the first time.

Her phone kept ringing, and in my ear she whispered, “I shouldn’t be here”…

…And then she sank even closer into me.

It is so right that it feels wrong only in theory. Not in fantasy…

…She said that with me, she was in her fantasy world.

I want to tell all those I love, that I have finally found the girl that moves the blood in my veins like tidal waves driven by violent gusts of passionate tenderness.

Just to write these words which have been hidden in the blackest parts of my conscience, proves only that she is the luminescent entity of beauty that I have yearned for.

Fate would bring me into a room, sitting feet away from her, knowing that it was meant to be.

Her lips are small, and her smile magnificent, and when they touch mine, in the slow, gentle way that she likes to kiss, I would never speak another word and only use my lips to touch hers if given the choice.

Would she believe me if I told her that my eyes are beautiful only because they are but a reflection of what I see, as I gaze so closely into her chestnut eyes.

Her hair is thick and usually pulled back, and a little shorter up front and resting to the left…

…Left is the direction she turns when she closes her eyes, and places her hand over mouth… and thinks deeply.

I have made love to her, by the very definition of what making love is supposed to mean…

…I have given her my heart with every touch, kiss, caress, and slow dance.

I am not supposed to push her away.

I am supposed to hold her.

What will tomorrow bring???

– ©2017 Chris Pardal