“Matrix Love” – Chris Pardal

I read you. Everything about you.

I want to reach through the screen and explode past the words that describe your pain. So I make a fist and I do..

I enter your world.

I find you inside crying, and alone.

Never will you feel this again. Not on my watch.

Vowels and consonants scattered violently all around us, fluttering to the ground.

The blown up words, now just orphaned letters, are black and the background white.

We are in color.

I hold you, and you hold me so fuckin tight. So tight

The black letters are still raining down around us. Millions of letters. Like a Matrix love story.

Our eyes lock. Our lips come together so slowly… slower… they touch.

I can feel every perfect imperfection on those luscious lips.

Every wrinkle on your lips tickles mine.

Your lips are so big that you can almost swallow mine with your kisses…

I want your lips to swallow mine. The paper thin skin makes them so red and swollen.

The letters have all fallen. We must have been kissing for hours..

The background is now a sunset beach.

And the letters have changed colors like autumn leaves.

In fact, they are leaves.

We smile at each other as we look around us at the fallen leaves covering almost all of the sand on this windy beach.

We smile because we have created this fictional place within our imagination.

Now, we are naked… I lay you on the autumn beach as the sun makes its brilliant orange curtain call.

Vanilla candles are blazing all around us.

We make love.



Waves softly crash.

I look in your eyes, and yes this is fucking it. This is what it means to be alive and feel passion.. This is why I am here.

You squint and exhale, breathing into my mouth, our lips touching and rubbing back and forth…. Back and forth.

Here comes the wind.. Warm wind around your body.

And the waves… Waves softly crashing some more…

Your eyes are wide open now, looking into mine

We read each other’s minds.

Wondering why it took so long to meet.

We fall asleep in each other’s arms.


– ©2012 Chris Pardal