“Jennifer Marie” – Chris Pardal

The brisk cold. The wind.

Christmas time.

Listening to dance music, getting ready to go to “City Lites”

My first girlfriend… the first girl to tweeze my eyebrows as I lie on her lap.

I wrote her a rap song…

“Shakin’ for Jen”… back when I was a poet.

I danced for her… back when I was a dancer.

I fought for her… back when I couldn’t fight.

I fell in love with her… back when I wanted to be a player.

She told me if I let myself fall in love that it would be the greatest feeling that I could ever feel…

…She was right.

The smell of Rave hairspray, spearmint gum and cigarettes…

Her thick curly black hair, brown eyes & sensuous little mouth that gave the world’s most magnificent kisses.

The first time I made love… back when all I did was fuck.

My first love tattooed in blood, etched in my brain, and pumped through my heart and body.

The ruler for which I will forever measure any girl before I get married.

She was seventeen and I was nineteen and nothing would ever change…

…not the clubs, or the music, or the clothes.

– ©2017 Chris Pardal