“Fantasy” – Chris Pardal

When I look in your face and embrace you with my gaze, you leave me amazed, and dazed with your attraction.

Now look in my eyes, don’t disguise the way you feel, my heart you could steal

its real

I love you.

I never felt before, what I feel for you girl. My lover in my dreams, now its real in my world.

You’re my friend, til the end, youll be my leading lady in my heart, my soul, until the sun goes cold.

Youre my ecstasy. And like the Odyssey; Ill travel ten years for your love, cuz youre MY fantasy.

Ill put the sun in my pocket; throw the stars away For your hand, holding mine-

A Dozen dragons, Ill slay.

Cuz, Im your knight, and Ill fight, just like in Camelot.

But in MY story, your glorious love is the plot.

My hearts in a bind and your love makes me blind

With you, I understand Romeos frame of mind.

Cinderella, Stella, or Della, Ill be your Charming, Stanley…. or Jim

When your lips touch mine…

the fairytale begins.

Never rest, on a quest, to become your leading man.

Not for a treasure chest

But for your heart in my hand.

Your beauty is smooth, yo; it belongs in the Louvre,

Helens face couldnt launch all of the ships that YOU move.

Aphrodite would be jealous of the heads that you turn,

You are MY Goddess of Love

For you Inside I burn

If Heaven had a name, only yours it could claim.

When I’m in your presence, theres no sorrow or pain.

Only pleasure to treasure, when youre at my side

You could soothe Achilles rage, and extinguish his pride.

A little boy at night, I held my pillow so tight.

You are MY wish come true

Starlight, Star bright.

Could it be destiny? If not, then Ill weep

And if youre just a dream,

Let me eternally sleep.

Im never blue; its true, when I look at you.

A thousand Canterbury Tales cant describe what you do.

Forever and a day, Ill stay, if you say yes

The day you walked in my life I was blessed;

By Cupid above,

Cuz with love, he shot an arrow-

-Of affection-

Perfection is seen, looking in your direction

You’re my Fantasy.

– ©2012 Chris Pardal