“Crazy. A Simple Empty Yes” – Chris Pardal

A black leather couch.

A kiss.

A wish that it wouldn’t be a one night thing or a fling, but real.

Another night. Another girl.

I’m in another world with the liquor and mistakes are made.

Games are played.

A tragic romance ended, before we had the affair.

The fork in the road stabs me in the back. The turning point pierces my heart.

Reminding me through pain, what I lost.

My tongue on the wrong girl’s thigh, and you’re saying goodbye.

Before we said hello.

Why did I stay? I wanted to go.

You should’ve been there. Why didn’t you show?

Did you want me to leave? Would things have changed?

Crazy. A Simple Empty Yes…

…is all that I need.

…To survive. I feel alive as I relive that moment.

Doing it different. Running away.

Running through the storm, through the rain.

Poems and rhymes. Rhythms and words.

A play and a stage. The truth seldom heard.

A hero, a war. A soldier, a man.

Whispers and winks. And too many drinks.

Lies and deceit. Regrets and tears.

Bakers and nuns. Anger and fears.

Wishes and wants. To run through the rain.

Purify my motives. Cleanse all my shame.

Suspend your disbelief, and pretend… for a moment…

If only for a moment…

That you’re mine.

But the playwright will not change the ending…

Not today, nor tomorrow. Not in this lifetime.

I drew my sword to defend you… Into the battle I run.

My armor… Only flesh.

My blade… Weak.

…And so it bends.

For I was the villain…

…I didn’t know ’til the end.

Steel in my chest. Laughter far from my lips.

Spotlights then fade… into a lunar eclipse.

As I lie at your feet, my words bleed worthlessly from my soul.

My eyelids. Heavy.

My flesh. Icy cold.

Every curtain, every bow. Every show, every play.

The ending would end, every night the same way.

If I ran through the storm and left her that night…

…would you become the author… and let me win the fight?


For I am… Crazy.

Crazy. A Simple Empty Yes…

…is all that I need.

– ©2017 Chris Pardal