“Candy Coated Peppermint Stripper Poles” – Chris Pardal


Blue sky streaks above her blue eyes… she’s a bad bitch.

A witch stirring her brew. My crew couldn’t back me

if she decided to SMACK! Backhand me.

Not with the back of her hand, but snatch me, grab me with her vibe, lift, spin and throw me.

She’s a thrill ride.

Don’t worry, scurry along, no time for this feeling,

reeling me in with your words, voice and eyes.

Wheeling and dealing with milky cream, strong stripper thighs, hanging high from the ceiling.

Wrap me up, lick you up and down, go down in your lik-m-aid fun dip.

My candy stick slips in, dipping deep in your sweet cherry yum-diddly, razapple, sweet liquid sugar powder pouch full of magic.

On my couch, I lie back and have it; a strip tease lap dance with no poles, pasties, or money.

Your honey still drips, it’s a trip honey, everything fits perfectly lovely.

I make hard, tough girls soft and cuddly, it happens suddenly.

so caress, kiss and cuddle me.

A tragic past, fast years, tears and pain. Your words tore me, but in your eyes I see a glorious future story.

Fairy tale kisses, genie’s neverending wishes, handsome dark-haired, green-eyed Princes fight to carry you away from the stage of this street ballet.

Pray, wish on stars, angels and lucky charms that soon, your shining knight will swoon, my Princess.


– ©2017 Chris Pardal